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Welcome to the Age of Disruption
Whether you are a legacy business holding on, a startup creating the next big thing, or an individual building a career, you’re either surfing the wave of disruption or trying to outrun it.
We are experts in disruption. We put disruption to work for you.
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Our Disruption Advantage
PeekDisruption delivers the future… today. We create disruption-based strategies and action plans to help companies, teams, IT leaders and others build the future they want, rather than the future that just happens to them. Using our people-centered approach, our clients learn to put disruption to work for them.
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Masters of Disruption
We master disruption to remove barriers to growth, inspire innovation and power the engine for new opportunities.

Master of Disruption Tim Peek is the leadership strategy expert who helps leaders and their organizations see, prepare for, and thrive in a world filled with change and opportunity. 
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Meet Tim

“Do you want to create your future or let it happen to you?”

That’s the question that all leaders and organizations face more urgently than ever in this age of global competition and disruption. Tim Peek believes we all have the capacity to create a future of sustainable success, if we’re willing to look inside ourselves for the answer.

Tim drives business and leaders forward. He masters disruption to remove barriers to growth, inspire innovation and power the engine for new opportunities.

He does this as a coach to leaders who have a deep desire to change their status quo — complainers need not apply. He’s an insightful and challenging consultant to organizations that are willing to give up the past and harness the power of their people to reinvent themselves for the 21st century.

Drawing from over two decades of experience harnessing disruption for positive transformation and growth in the Fortune 50 field, Tim supportively challenges leaders and organizations to look at the next big thing head on. Tim is not just another coach; he’s a fellow leader who uses his experience transforming himself and his organizations to support other trailblazing leaders as they do the same.

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What We Do

Putting the power of disruption to work for you

Building IT Success

Most IT projects fall short, and it has nothing to do with the technology. We address the human side of IT to insure success.


Disruption Assessments

Find out where your organization is vulnerable to disruption… and where your biggest opportunities lie. 



Build a strategy that harnesses the power of disruption to build your ideal future now.


Leadership coaching

Instead of fearing disruption, learn to lead your team through it with ease and skill.


Team Readiness

Our people-centered approach harnesses your team’s full creative power.


Disruption Culture

Build a culture that turns disruption into competitive advantage, year after year.



What others have to say
“Tim’s deep subject matter expertise and deft touch with leading change  was impressive. Even more impressive was the way he supported our team to develop strategy and action steps to respond to new challenges.” 
Richard Dixon
Director of Public Affairs,
Concern Worldwide
“Tim has a clear view of the rapidly changing digital video landscape, with expertise that ranges from production to technology to monetization.” 
Dan Taitz
Interim Principal Executive Officer, Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia
“Tim sees the big picture, uses his wide range of skills to figure out what’s happening in the organization and then helps you face the future.”
Paula Routly
Co-Founder and Publisher
Seven Days Newspaper