Process is Key

Putting the power of disruption to work for you
Bring Along a Guide
Bring Tim Peek along as your guide. He knows the unmapped territory of a leader’s journey toward vision.
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Be a Conscious Leader
There’s a new way to lead in the world, and it’s called conscious leadership: the art of being aware of all that’s going on around you.
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Sharpen Strategic Vision
You don’t need a hired gun to tell you what to do; get the answers from the people you trust most: yourself and your team.
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Move into Action
Having the right vision is only half the battle. Effective action is the missing link for leaders and teams. Let’s connect them.
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Disruption is Everywhere

We see that the world is changing — fast — and there is no going back. If you’re feeling the effects of disruptive change.

Disruption is Everywhere

We see that the world is changing — fast — and there is no going back. If you’re feeling the effects of disruptive change, whether it comes in the form of new technologies to run your business, or new competitors, or just the declining effectiveness of business as usual, we can help. But only if you want to move forward. Nostalgia buffs need not apply.

Rather than something to be feared, disruption can be a huge force for positive change. Disruption can shake up the status quo, wake up individuals and push teams closer together — or it can do the opposite. The key is whether you are willing to take the leap into the unknown to create something even better than what you have now.

If you’re willing to take that leap, we want to jump with you. We’ve done it many times before and know how to make the most of your big leap. We support leaders and teams to take their creativity to the next level, unlock more energy and build highly functioning organizations.

Our Disruption Advantage

Too often, disruption happens to people and companies. Our approach allows teams and individual to use disruption to reach their goals. We use the power of disruption – the realization that the old ways aren’t working any more – to wake people up, stimulate new thinking and explore new approaches to challenge.

Rather than looking at the way your business is or was, we look at the way it’s going to be. We look broadly around you and your business to see the trends that are reshaping your world. Whether your world has been disrupted by new technology, new competitors or new economic realities, we put the focus on what is emerging, instead of looking in the rear-view mirror to get back to the way things used to be.

We do this by taking the fear out of change. We focus on the individuals behind strategy, products, technology initiatives and connect them personally with the issue at hand. In our world, people see how they are creators of their future — whether it’s a new CRM system or a new product line — and how they can make it work for them. We align organizational goals and personal interest by combining heart and soul with strategy and action.

Masters of Disruption

Led by master of disruption Tim Peek, we create custom solutions to help leaders, teams and companies create their desired future in the face of rapid change.

Our approach is founded in the belief that leaders and teams already know a lot of what they need to succeed. Our goal is to draw out the realizations, lesson, goals and strategies inherent in your organization and focus it on the challenge at hand. We do this by spending time to connect with your key players, assessing your competition and scoping the market forces shaping your unique operating environment. The result: a fresh picture of your organization’s capabilities and limitations along with exciting avenues for growth.

Our process not only brings new realizations, it creates action by aligning teams to each other and to their challenges, by creating shared goals and strategy, and by empowering individuals and teams to bring their best game.

We use personalized coaching, whole-brain learning and body intelligence to give individuals and teams a deep experience that connects them a common vision and each other.


What others have to say
“Tim’s deep subject matter expertise and deft touch with leading change  was impressive. Even more impressive was the way he supported our team to develop strategy and action steps to respond to new challenges.” 
Richard Dixon
Director of Public Affairs,
Concern Worldwide
“Tim has a clear view of the rapidly changing digital video landscape, with expertise that ranges from production to technology to monetization.” 
Dan Taitz
Interim Principal Executive Officer, Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia
“Tim sees the big picture, uses his wide range of skills to figure out what’s happening in the organization and then helps you face the future.”
Paula Routly
Co-Founder and Publisher
Seven Days Newspaper