Bring Along a Guide

Bring Tim Peek along as your guide. He knows the unmapped territory of a leader’s journey toward vision. An experienced change agent, a trusted coach to conscious leaders, and an expert at reimagining strategic thinking, Tim Peek guides leaders and teams to uncover what they already know about the future they want to create and gives them tools to unlock the imagination and energy they need to create it.

Whether it’s guiding legacy organizations through transformation, starting his own companies, or coaching individuals to reinvent themselves and those they lead, Tim is a seasoned guide for visionaries who want to move into action.

As a coach to executives and other leaders, Tim challenges change-makers to see their problems in a new light, putting the focus on the actions they can take now to reach their goals. He’s supported executives as they embark on new projects, explore new career options or get a handle on their most vexing problems. Using the tools of conscious leadership, Tim teaches leaders new ways to access their emotional and body intelligence to lead their people and themselves more effectively and with less stress, healing the split between work and the rest of their lives.

Tim’s energetic and thoughtful approach really clicked with me from the moment we began working together. He brings insights and interesting approaches to learning that challenge me to go much further than I would naturally, along with an ability to recognize and understand my preexisting point of view. Tim's customized approach has been tremendously helpful in expanding my perspective and potential--personally and professionally.
Shawn Kinder
Senior VP, Ricondo & Associates

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