Be a Conscious Leader

There’s a new way to lead in the world, and it’s called conscious leadership: the art of being aware of all that’s going on around you, without getting tripped up by the drama, blame and disconnection that sinks so many promising careers. After learning it the hard way, Tim Peek has become an expert at coaching leaders to be their true, knowing selves in the office and at home.

Rather than just teach tips and tricks to improve effectiveness, Tim coaches leaders to examine their basic operating system and jump up to a more effective way of being. Rather than optimize what they already have — papering over what created the problem in the first place – leaders who work with Tim discover a completely new way to move in their world. The results: clearer vision, increased energy, tighter connections at work and home, work that actually aligns with their biggest ideas.

From righting a foundering partnership to bringing together a fractious team, Tim is an expert at defusing drama, re-establishing creative connection, and building resilience in owners and employees. Tim gives partners, leaders and colleagues practical tools and real-world strategies to overcome their challenges and work together more effectively.

He does this through workshops that teach the basics of effective group action. From communication tools, to stopping drama and complaints, to enhancing creative problem-solving, Tim brings the tools of conscious leadership to all levels of organizations.

With a background in the news and advertising industries, Tim has been an effective and energizing speaker to groups of all sizes. He’s helped groups from the World Bank, to Killington Resort, to Women in Technology International discover new ways to tap into their genius, build a more positive culture and enhance responsibility across their ranks. Tim leaves every audience with real-world tools for change they can put to work immediately.

Inspiring and enthusiastic, he showed us how to move from simply putting out daily HR fires to creating a culture where people learn to be more effective and help themselves without the drama. The presentation was practical and immediately applicable to our work here.
Ruth Grove
Human Resource Manager, The World Bank Group

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