Sharpen Strategic Vision

You already know what success looks like, but getting there has been a series of false starts, uncertain compromises, and frustrating “what-ifs.” You don’t need a hired gun to come in and tell you what to do; you want to get the answers from the people you trust most: yourself and your team.

You and your colleagues already know the answers. And if you’re like most leaders, those answers are buried under layers of habit, history and narrow focus. Using expert questioning, deep listening and broad experience, Tim Peek digs away the limiting practices and perspectives that are covering workable solutions to bring you and your team’s powerful knowing into the open.

Tim is an expert questioner and communicator who connects with the people who know the most about your issues to uncover the answers they will act on. Tim challenges clients to question their assumptions, draw new connections, and think creatively in a way that deepens teamwork. Tim’s clients create their own practical solutions for sustainable success, moving beyond platitudes and noble goals and into detailed action plans they can rally behind.

What sets Tim apart is also his rich experience in the corporate world. His willingness and ease to share this invaluable experience makes his workshops very approachable and easy for participants to engage and contribute.
Christina Yu Yu, Phd.
Executive Director, USC Pacific Asia Museum

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