Putting the power of disruption to work for you

Executive coaching

Tim challenges leaders to see their problems in a new light, putting the focus on the actions they can take now to reach their goals. He’s supported executives as they embark on new projects, explore new career options or get a handle on their most vexing problems.

Tim teaches leaders new ways to access their emotional and body intelligence to lead their people and themselves more effectively and with less stress, healing the split between work and the rest of their lives.

Strategy Consulting

Unlike many consultants, Tim knows he’s not the expert on your business; you are. But what Tim is an expert at is surfacing the knowledge and innovative thinking that you and your colleagues have to resolve your biggest challenges. And then once the winning idea is in hand, Tim drills down with your team to establish a clear action plan that all players can get behind and actually deliver on.

Team Dynamics

Whether it’s righting a foundering partnership or bringing together a fractious team, Tim is an expert at defusing drama, re-establishing creative connection, and building resilience in owners and employees.

Tim gives partners, leaders and colleagues practical tools and real-world strategies to overcome their challenges and work together more effectively.


Tim leads leadership teams, functional teams and entire organizations to find more effective ways of working together.

From basic communication tools, to stopping drama and complaints, to enhancing creative problem-solving, Tim brings the tools of conscious leadership to all levels of organizations.

Public Speaking

With a background in the news and advertising industries, Tim has been an effective and energizing speaker to groups of 10 to 1,000. He’s helped groups from the World Bank to Killington Resort to Women in Technology International discover new ways to tap into their genius, build a more positive culture and enhance responsibility across their ranks.

Tim leaves every audience with real-world tools for change they can put to work immediately.

Implementation Support

What does it take to get you and your people moving? After all, it’s one thing to have a great strategy and another to get warring factions, nervous colleagues and uncertain subordinates to pull together and put heart into your plan. 

Tim is an expert at overcoming resistance to change and moving individuals into action so your plans don’t become just another failed idea.


What others have to say
“Tim’s deep subject matter expertise and deft touch with leading change  was impressive. Even more impressive was the way he supported our team to develop strategy and action steps to respond to new challenges.” 
Richard Dixon
Director of Public Affairs,
Concern Worldwide
“Tim has a clear view of the rapidly changing digital video landscape, with expertise that ranges from production to technology to monetization.” 
Dan Taitz
Interim Principal Executive Officer, Martha Stewart Living OmniMedia
“Tim sees the big picture, uses his wide range of skills to figure out what’s happening in the organization and then helps you face the future.”
Paula Routly
Co-Founder and Publisher
Seven Days Newspaper