Executive Coaching

Tim works with leaders who want to take responsibility for their influence in the world, work more effectively, and attain new goals.

Using his three decades of experience as a business leader in startup and legacy organizations, Tim asks practical questions and moves clients from theory and ideas into practical action steps. It’s not solely an intellectual exercise; Tim teaches emotional and body intelligence skills to help leaders round out their understanding of issues and people, giving them an edge in the relational workplace of today.

Working remotely or in person, Tim uses leaders’ recurring struggles to expose patterns of thought and behavior that block effective action. Rather than focusing on what employees, superiors, or “the system” are doing to frustrate leadership, Tim challenges clients to focus on what they can do now to create the change they want.

Tim has worked with executives who want to heal the work/life split in themselves, improve team effectiveness, or explore new career options. He’s a trusted and confidential advisor who meets clients where they live: in the workplace where energy, creativity and authenticity are the keys to success.

Tim’s energetic and thoughtful approach really clicked with me from the moment we began working together. He brings insights and interesting approaches to learning that challenge me to go much further than I would naturally, along with an ability to recognize and understand my preexisting point of view. Tim's customized approach has been tremendously helpful in expanding my perspective and potential--personally and professionally.
Shawn Kinder
Senior VP, Ricondo & Associates

Process is Key

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Sharpen Strategic Vision
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Move into Action
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