There’s a new way of running organizations, one that focuses on learning, responsibility and self-leadership. It’s called conscious leadership and it’s powering organizations as diverse as the World Bank, Genentech, Asana and Killington Resort.

Tim Peek is a leading teacher of conscious leadership. He gets leaders and their teams up to speed on this new way of working through highly interactive workshops on topics ranging from learning agility, to conscious conflict resolution, to creative problem-solving, and conscious communications.

Tim’s workshops last from a half-day to three days and are aimed at leaders and teams that want to create a common language and approach to their business. Teams that have taken one of Tim’s workshops report enhanced creativity, smoother working relationships and increased personal responsibility for organizational outcomes.

What sets Tim apart is also his rich experience in the corporate world. His willingness and ease to share this invaluable experience makes his workshops very approachable and easy for participants to engage and contribute.
Christina Yu Yu, Phd.
Executive Director, USC Pacific Asia Museum

Process is Key

Bring Along a Guide
Bring Tim Peek along as your guide. He knows the unmapped territory of a leader’s journey toward vision.
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Be a Conscious Leader
There’s a new way to lead in the world, and it’s called conscious leadership: the art of being aware of all that’s going on around you.
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Sharpen Strategic Vision
You don’t need a hired gun to tell you what to do; get the answers from the people you trust most: yourself and your team.
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Move into Action
Having the right vision is only half the battle. Effective action is the missing link for leaders and teams. Let’s connect them.
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